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From Telex to Internet, from closed borders to globalization, from  Heavy Fuel to Gas, Intelligent Engines and Green Technologies I have seen it all in my years in the industry.  One thing however has remained constant: the demand from all customers for an efficient and reliable trading partner.

Power plant managers, ships superintendants and maintenance teams all over the world must  trust their supplier. Otherwise, they will be unable to perform their job satisfactorily or even to perform it at all.

Quicklog was established in 2011 as the culmination of my years in the business. I believe it is the perfect set-up for the current lean but demanding times: small, flexible and above all highly experienced and thus able to offer a customized service to the main industrial players.

A real trading company for the 21st century.

Just try us.


Rodrigo de Vilhena, Managing Director

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